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Where can I use my CarolinaCard?
For a list of CarolinaCard uses click here.

What do I do if I lost my card?
Contact the SOM CarolinaCard at 216 -3150 immediately so we can deactivate your card.  You can also report a lost or stolen card 24 hours a day at  A replacement card is $25.

What do I do if my CarolinaCard stops working?
Contact the SOM CarolinaCard office and we can evaluate the situation.

Can my spouse get a CarolinaCard?
Yes, there is a $10 charge for spouse cards.  A marriage license must be presented as well as both parties to receive a spouse ID.

Can my children or any relatives get a CarolinaCard?

Can residents and fellows get a CarolinaCard?
Yes, as long as the department they are in is affiliated with USC.

I am retired, can I get a card?
Yes, retirees are eligible to receive a CarolinaCard.

Will I have the same advantages with the new card as I did with the old Carolina Card?